Quality Assurance

The attention to detail and emphasis on accuracy that characterize the WB Wood approach to planning extend naturally to the issue of quality assurance.

Strict quality control measures are built into each interval of the project process. These include:

  • An organizational format that incorporates a series of checklists ranging from order specification to pre-site inspection prior to delivery and installation.
  • Attendance by the CAD/specifying team at all planning meetings to ensure they understand the big picture and avoid misinterpretation.
  • Organization of teams to provide for duplicate reviews of work prior to finalization. For example, there is a central review of order acknowledgements and a second review by the project coordinator.
  • Acquisition of mock-ups, drawings, and physical submittals from manufacturers to assure accurate interpretation of order information and to allow client review of three-dimensional representations.
  • Regular field inspections by project managers to evaluate the status of construction and assess the impact on delivery and installation.
  • Proactive approach to the complexities of installation by verifying field dimensions, flagging potential problems, and generating solutions in advance.
  • Careful inspection of all items processed through a receiving warehouse.
  • Review of fit and finish standards prior to beginning of installation followed by regular inspections during each phase of the installation process.
  • Detailed tracking and documentation of any changes so the final invoicing reflects exactly what has been ordered and can be linked back to the budget.