Roles & Responsibility

Management & Sales Executives
  • Develops project management teams
  • Negotiates with vendors
  • Maintains corporate oversight for project success
Project | Account Manager
  • Acts as primary point of contact for client, architect, designer, and general contractor throughout the project
  • Assumes responsibility for project implementation
  • Prepares agendas and establishes all status report information including:
    • Open items (with due dates for resolutions)
    • Purchase order status
    • Delivery status report
    • Post-move status report
  • Prepares budget information as required
  • Communicates with CAD department to develop drawings
  • Coordinates drawing review with architect / client
  • Prepares product specification for design / client sign-off
  • Prepares project schedule
  • Develops delivery schedule
  • Manages Project Coordinator’s activities
  • Attends all project construction meetings
  • Coordinates with delivery and installation supervisor
Project Coordinator
  • Processes data necessary for order entry
  • Coordinates and processes sample submittals
  • Receives and reviews manufacturer acknowledgments
  • Monitors factory production and shipping schedules from all vendors
  • Maintains daily delivery calendar
  • Tracks and monitors receiving reports
  • Processes freight claims
Field Project Manager
  • Assists in development of delivery calendar
  • Verifies site dimensions
  • Supervises deliveries
  • Directs activities of delivery and installation contractors
  • Interfaces with the general contractor and sub-contractors